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11 Lessons I Learnt In My Late Twenties
Dec 15, 2015
Twenties is tough men! Then again that is debatable as same can be said about all age groups. However, twenties is the hardest (since I identify in this age bracket... for now). Not only are you are trying to get a handle of who you are or where you are heading, you also have to start making decisions and choices whilst trying to live a life worth remembering.
For the purpose of this article I have divided twenties into three subgroups; the early twenties (20 - 24ish – the all exciting exuberant phase), the mid twenties (25-26 – the I am still safe phase) and the late twenties (27-29 – the 'shit I’m almost 30!' phase) . My ‘shit I am almost 30!’ phase has opened my eyes to a lot of things; things I have learnt, and things that now run high on my priority list. Here are 11 things that I learned in my late twenties - and possibly you will learn in yours.
Lesson 1. The Need For My Own Place
I went to a military-style boarding school, so at a young age I knew a lot about staying on my own and having to clean after myself. However, being an adult is NOTHING compared to that. This involves having to fend for yourself financially and otherwise, it involves having to think of other people besides yourself (that is if you are married, have younger ones to take care of, or elderly parents you have to check in on often).
A key thing that my late twenties taught me is how important it is to have a place of your own. A house or an apartment. A man cave if I may, where you are so comfortable that it feels like heaven when you enter it after a long day at work or a long trip out of town. Doesn’t matter if you are sharing a flat, living alone or whatever, as long as you have a space you can call YOUR OWN. Nothing says ‘I am ready for life’ like a place of your own.
Lesson 2. How To Enjoy & Bask In the Excitement of Furnitures and Other Paraphernalia
prepares espresso in his coffee shop; close-up
The excitement I feel sometimes when I get a piece of paraphernalia is almost embarrassing! I know how excited I felt when I got a Russell Hobbs espresso machine – this was my third coffee maker as I tend to get a lil overboard with coffee – or when I got my sitting room couch. I am still gathering more to fill up the used-to-be empty apartment and right now I am savouring the joy that comes with each purchase. So bask in all the excitement as you collect pieces of items that will make life easier and your space more comfy.
Lesson 3. How To Get My Day Checked
My days run so fast that before I blink it’s over and I am back home, and the circle continues. My days are now defined by what I tend to achieve during the day - did I get to check every item on my to-do list? Did I get to send in that report? Did I get to write? Shoot! I forgot to make that call, I woke up late and completely forgot to pray talk more of meditate, bummer. Late twenties have taught me that 24 hours really isn’t that much time, except when swimming or when almost passing out on the last few reps of workouts :).
Lesson 4. Identifying Friends and Foes
I secretly judge people who can’t spot real friends a mile away after a prolonged relationship. Your twenties should teach you the simple art of identifying who your friends are. I have learnt to decipher if a person is a friend, a foe, or an in-betweener. I have also learnt to appreciate my friends, care less about my foes and stop taking things way too personal. Half of the friends I had in the past are gone, and that's perfectly fine. I have cut some people off as well and I cherish the ones still around because I know they will come through when shit hits the ceiling.
Lesson 5. How To Enjoy The Single Life
Yes single life is fun… at least it is for me. No, single life isn’t a curse… at least not for me. So what? You don’t have a child at 29, you are not in a stable relationship let alone on the road to the altar. If there is anything to be nonchalant about it should be about what people think or say concerning your single life status.It is perfectly normal to be single in your late 20s, nothing is wrong with you. Besides, marriage isn’t for everyone, and there is nothing as terrible as desperation. Focus on other aspects of life and enjoy the selfishness that comes with being single. *Mom I hope you are not reading this*
Lesson 6. Sleeping As Much As I Can 
For someone who has partial insomnia I have never appreciated sleep like I do nowadays. I try as much as possible to get as much sleep as I can, if not for anything else but for my soar muscles to rest. However, I can skip sleep when it is totally important or worth, like say work or a party maybe?
Lesson 7. Vacation Is A Must
My brother and I traveled to two countries last year and it totally changed our lives. I was wearing shorts, slippers and sleeveless t-shirts walking around and visiting the beach on a Monday morning. This is the most awesome thing to do on a Monday morning, the joy is something else and the envy in people’s eyes is priceless. My brother and I decided that vacations are a must, so every year we must try and go on a vacation, possibly in a country we haven’t visited before. Wait…we haven’t gone this year!
Lesson 8. Knowing God
I have gotten past the point where I have to rely on my Mom’s prayer to ‘cover me’. Don’t wait for people to always intercede for you, take matters into your hand and know God! Seek him! Drawing closer to know Him and getting to have a personal relationship is something I have discovered is crucial for my growth (both spiritual, mentally and physically). There were lots of decisions I had to make and needed guidance from God, and he came through, because I know Him even though I am no where close to knowing Him enough. You have to know how to talk to Him, and know how to listen when He talks to you. So it is crucial to spend time digging through the word, and communing with God. Even though I slack every now and then I know the path I must walk and I intend to do just that.
Lesson 9. Getting Fit and Eating Right
I made a conscious decision early this year to get my shit together - to eat healthier, and to stay fit. All the warnings I ignored growing up are now the ones I sing about and try to stick to. My mother at an early age taught us the disadvantage of sugar and junk food. Now I stay away (or at least try to) from sugar and unprecedented junks. I am a fitness freak now, working out daily at least 5 times a week. I never had a six pack all my life but I achieved that fitness milestone this year. Say hi to Mr. Ribbed!
Lesson 10. Saying No To Things Not Worth While
If I don’t like someone, I say deuces. If I don’t like a movie I trash it. If don’t like a place, I bounce. My late twenties has taught me how not to waste time in things I don’t like or enjoy. It also taught me the importance of not wasting effort on people that don’t give a hoot about me and vice versa.
Lesson 11. Spending Money On Things I Like
Work hard, and earn your living so no one will call you out on how you decide to spend your money. So yes, I went overboard on some things this year (like with sneakers) but I have learnt to be guilt-free when spending money on things that I like and things that make me comfortable.
  Are you in your 20s? Does any of these points relate to you? What have you learnt so far? Let me know 🙂

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  • Ayo says:

    This is very relatable
    One major key is make sure you find yourself on your way to your late 20’s.
    It’s very important, before you get caught up with life. Understanding yourself and setting your priorities makes self accomplishment easier. You tend to get angry less and ignore petty things.
    Keep your mind free of unnecessary things, you’re a step close to being happy!

    • MIchael Ernest says:

      Thank you Ayo for reading. I totally agree with you, the journey to self discovery and priority placement is very essential.

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