Here are 5 ways you are drinking your coffee wrong, and how to fix it
Sep 9, 2014
Coffee-2 I am craving another cup of coffee, It i succumb it will be my third cup this morning. I saw this video below and I learnt a new trick, though I don't use sugar in my coffee, sometimes I use honey so the salt trick is a great tip. Do check out the video below and let me know did you default in some of the ways you drink your coffee, and also tell me - how do you drink your coffee?  

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  • Drinking a coffee in anything bigger than an espresso cup – wrong. Pouring milk or creme or even worse, creamer into coffee – wrong. Making more coffee at the time than you are going to drink – wrong. Taking longer than a few minutes to drink the coffee – wrong.

    • Well normal black coffee are no espressos. So drinking espressos in big cups are a no no. Yes to milk and cream, BUT sometimes one may need a “coffee drink.”

      Ralph you are indeed a coffee snob hahaha.

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