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What's Your Aspiration In Life?
Jul 14, 2015
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“What is your aspiration in life?” Sounds like Beyoncé’s album intro right? Someone older than I am recently posed the question; this individual obviously has life all figured out. You’d think that listening to Beyoncé answer the question would have prepped me enough to have the answer readily available, but unfortunately the singer has no such thought-provoking clout on me. Besides, in retrospect I think her answer was too scripted and trite. While I was still wrapping my head around the question I was drubbed with another – “Where do you see your life in five years?” Bummer! I didn’t have a definite answer, I honestly still don’t.
People often make you feel guilty for not having concrete answers to questions like that. Thing is – if we're being honest, no one has a clear idea or outline of how the future is going to look like. So holding my future with open hands doesn’t necessarily earmark me for failure. It can just mean I welcome and embrace the natural spontaneity of life.
Ultimately, no one in their twenties has life fully figured out. Anyone who says otherwise is either a bloody liar or one (one-in-a-million) lucky prig. From where I am standing, it’s okay to stumble and fall along the way, as long as taking those chances will clear the path to a season of reaping in the later decades of life.

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