Stories of Grace and Light
The Fall
Oct 28, 2014
man alone Whether we admit it or not Christianity (by Christianity I mean one's relationship with God not religion) can be likened to that of a parent and a child trying to take his/her first baby steps. Being a Christian in today's world seems like you are just a moving target. Everyone (from atheists, agnostics, fellow Christians, and other religious groups) looking at you with so much expectation and anticipation that you live up to your "new identity" or at least THEIR expectation. The moment you mess up - BULLSEYE. You are mocked, condemned, and worse judged. The flip-side of it all is that perfection was/is never the case with anyone most especially Christians who are trying to be Christ-like. Truth is we will always fall; we will always fail and Jesus knows this, Jesus highlighted this fact. The best news is that God sees us differently - like a parent who sees a child take baby steps, He knows we are most likely going to fall; still He is happy that we are taking the baby steps, that we will get up when we fall. He rejoices in our effort and tells us " get up, try again" my Grace is limitless. And I pray we all see each other from that point of view. When it is all said and done - How God sees us is what matters most as I am 100% certain we are not moving targets to him, he doesn't condemn us. He is cheering for us to make the walk down to where he stands with arms opened wide.

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