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Coffee in a foreign land
Jul 11, 2014
coffee In all honesty, I don't think of myself as a coffee expert (even though my family and friends do) neither have I even been a barista. I am just another guy who loves coffee. Recently, we (myself and my brother Kollins) went on a trip to a foreign land where English wasn't their official language. The first hotel we were supposed to stay in had a grand piano which welcomes guests as soon as they walk into the reception. Even though I can't play the piano, I love the piano and anything remotely musical hence why I loved the musical element and somewhat sophistication of the hotel, so I was a tad disappointed when Kollins, who was basically calling the shots suggested we hull our luggage and try one of those prestigious hotels. One of the downsides of a spontaneous trip is the little or no planning which is the essence of it been spontaneous (especially in making hotel reservations online). Anyway, we then moved to the next hotel "Ibis" and I instantly fell in love with the hotel -why? Not because it is a reputable hotel and has locations all over the world in all continents, no. The moment we walked into the hotel my nostrils were bombarded by the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee. Yes, coffee. My eyes scattered, scanning around in search for where in the hotel the all so friendly scent was coming from. Of course, Kollins couldn't care less and it baffled me that he didn't perceive it or it didn't register in his head how relevant such a smell was to the ambience of the place. I just knew I was at the right place, and for the rest of my stay had one of the strongest and freshest coffee ever. Day 1 I woke up early and watched the day brighten up while basking in the splashing sounds of the wave. A major change from what I am usually accustomed to - generator noise, car engine noises, horns, factory noise and whatnot. My second nature kicked in and I knew I had to have coffee. Lucky breakfast starts by 5am local time in Ibis, but I just couldn't go downstairs as I had to wait for Kollins to wake up so we go together. Finally by 8am we went downstairs and first thing I took from the table was a mug. I poured in the coffee and got a teaspoon. I am always wary when taking my first sip because 80% of the time hot coffee burns my delicate tongue. So I stirred until I could trust it not to wreck my tongue. I noticed was how strong it was. I usually prefer dark roast and I was impressed how the managed to make it so strong. I almost never use sugar in my coffee, but I knew I had to at least add something to it, so I got honey and I was good for another two cups. coffee mac and cake Day 2 By the second day I decided to go all espresso black. No honey just pure coffee. I savored my first cup and rushed my second as Kollins needed us to leave soon with our tourism caps on. Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.58.15 AM Fast forward to Day 3, after drinking the coffee for two days I just couldn't resist the urge to ask what kind of coffee I was taking. So I used my translator app on my phone to aid me articulately and respectfully ask about the coffee I was being served. The friendly waiter told me to follow him and take a look. Got there, and He showed me the one I had that morning effortfully explaining (in little English he could speak) how he brewed it. He also told me the coffee was a French imported from Paris. A satisfied me smiled and walked back to my table. Departure Day After tons of walks on the beach, lots of coffee sips, adventurous sight seeing, fascinating interactions with people, etc. it was time to leave. All good things must come to an end right? (I hate that saying) . When we finally leaving the country it occurred to me that I should have gone coffee shopping (specifically for that brand) but we had been so busy and wrapped up in this vacation that it skipped my mind. While I looked at the beach from out the window, I realized that the beach won't be the only thing I'll be missing about the place, I will also be missing the coffee I had here.10403620_1462401780673204_629749729797696402_nAs aforementioned, I'm not a barista or a coffee expert, but I know coffee in this strange land tasted better and I sure miss it. Maybe it's me but I could easily speculate that coffee in foreign lands taste better.  

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