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Forgiveness is beautiful, love and God
Jun 3, 2014


Love is beautiful. I think we can all agree that love is one of the most profound and beautiful experiences we can feel. Forgiveness is love. There is no forgiveness when hatred abounds, and love is forgiveness from all indication. Forgiveness can only happen when you love someone, God or yourself enough that you decide to overlook their mistakes. Forgiveness is beautiful. Who says forgiveness and reconciliation can't be beautiful? Esau and Jacob's reconciliation is proof of this, as it is one of those indeed one of such beauty. RELATED: Check out 9 songs about Forgiveness We are familiar with the story of Esau and Jacob, we dwell mostly on Jacob's blessings and his crafty and cunning ways. He basically robbed his brother of his birthright and blessings. Fleeing in an attempt to save his behind from the brutality of the brother's fiery. However,in Genesis 33, we get to see his return and we get to see as warm a welcome back as that seen in the story of the prodigal son. Esau ran towards Jacob who was busy bowing seven times trying to appease his brother, he kissed him and they wept. No words exchanged, no bringing up of the past. And if that picture isn't beautiful then I don't know what else is. Esau displays love in form of forgiveness. God is Love While still staying on the story of Esau and Jacob I will like to point out a very thought provocative sentence Jacob made in verse 11. He compared seeing the face of Esau in a favorable manner to seeing the face of God. God is beautiful, God is forgiveness personified, God is love and Jacob experiencing such outrageous love and forgiveness from his brother was indeed seeing the face of God. Forgiveness is love. May we (I) be able to demonstrate such amount of love through forgiveness.

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