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Friend of Yeshua…
Jul 22, 2014
Friend of Yeshua

If you read the byline on any of websites or my social media pages it usually includes “Friend of Yeshua.” I always one way or the other make the audacious declaration.

Yeshua is the Greek word for Jesus.  Around the world, the name “Immanuel” is even more popular than Yeshua. Nonetheless, I just love the name Yeshua. People ask me, “Who is Yeshua?” Some tell me “I didn’t know Yeshua meant Jesus.” Either way, the point is the name translates to “Jesus.” So in other words my byline reads “Friend of Jesus.”

Israel Houghton’s hit song “Friend of God” reiterates the possibility of having Jesus as a friend. The understanding of this fact came with a deeper knowledge and relationship with Jesus.

The thing is, growing up I had this image of God as the fearful Father. Jesus was the Son who came to die for me who I must obey. He will come back and lay down judgment. I must not disappoint Him. My imaginary Jesus wasn’t too different from the Father. Not in my wildest imagination back then did I even fathom the idea of Jesus being my friend.

All it takes is a real one-on-one encounter with this Savior for you, to not only see Him as a Savior, but also as a lover and friend. A Friend who understands you. A Friend who sympathizes with you. A Friend who’s love is unconditional in spite of your shortcomings and flaws.

That is not to say that Jesus isn’t the First Born of all Creation, that isn’t to say that he isn’t King of Kings. I just have a friend in the highest of place. Jesus acts not just as a Savior to me, but as a friend. This understanding of Yeshua’ s quality will transform how you see and relate with Jesus.

For one, whenever you sin or fall short, you do not have to be afraid of rejection for He is your best friend who you should boldly approach and to who you should  confess. He is the guy you go to when you are sad, when you are happy, when you face disappointment, when you face failure, when you face depression, when things get ugly, or when things are beautiful and rosy. He is the one who will intercede for you; He is the one who died for your sins; He is the one who took a grenade for you (not Bruno Mars); He is the one who will do everything to give you grace, hope, and peace.

So whenever I say I am a friend of Yeshua, what I mean is: I am the backstabbing friend who keeps betraying Yeshua, and He is a loving friend who keeps forgiving me and who took my place. He is a friend who rubs off on me, transforming me into a new creature. A Friend who constantly renews my mind until I become more like Him and less like me.

I am a friend of Yeshua. Are you?

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