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Least popular books of the bible
Aug 20, 2014
As it turns out, I am no where near finishing my Bible in a year reading plan. You may ask why? Books like Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Such books are hard to read, but feel free to judge away. Maybe I am not just spiritual enough (Shrugs). However, in the info graphic below, the cool people at the Overview Bible Project presents The Least Popular Books of the Bible (according to I was nearly certain that the aforementioned books which were my roadblocks would make the list into this infographic but how wrong was I! I speculate that all those debate on gay marriage, tattoos and other 'gray areas' has caused people to flip through them more. Anyway, check out the info graphic below.   least-popular-books-of-the-bible.infographic

Learn more by visiting Overview Bible Project.


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