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A letter to 2013
Dec 28, 2013
a letter to 2013
Dear 2013, Look at you! Look at me! Look at us! It has been a ride, hasn't it? From where I am standing I honestly can't say I will miss you, but I can say I appreciate and enjoyed your companionship, our time together and our ride which fortunately wasn't a merry-go-round, but more or less a roller-coaster.
Yes, there have been laughters. Yes, you have proved to me once again that the saying "boys don't cry" is bullshit as boys do cry, be it with physical tears, a heavy heart - emotionally, or spiritually - in moments of communion with God.
You have taught me that smiles can curve out of my face even in the most nerve-racking moments, even when my heart is wailing. I have concluded that smiles always win.
I have learned that it is okay not to be okay. I have learned that it is okay to tell God I am are not okay, to tell Him that I am more or less pissed off.
You connived (in a good way) with God to teach me patience, in those moments I have learned that to be a disciple of Christ I must take up His attributes while imitating his qualities which includes patience. I have learned not to envy the appearance of happiness because no one, ABSOLUTELY no one is trouble-free.
You have taught me that the only thing that stops life from going on is actual death. You kept reminding me that I have "While I breathe, I hope" literally tattooed across my chest. I re-learnt why I had those words done and how much it means to me.
I have learned that one must always refurbish one's dreams to make room for upgrading and/or downgrading due to one's ever-changing reality.
In some of the most hilarious periods in our ride 2013 you taught me that I don't know shit about love, and still have a lot to learn. In our ride together you have emphasized the things that are important. I found God when I sincerely searched, I found God in every teardrop and thanked him in every moment my mouth curved out a smile.
I prayed. I fasted. I waited on pins and needles, but you have taught me that delayed dreams doesn't mean crushed dreams especially while the Potter is still at work. So hope it is. So my dear 2013 for every lesson learned I say thank you.
For every time every time you looked me dead in the eye and burst into laughter I'm glad I could amuse you *insert Emeli Sande's Clown song here*.
Thank you for every good time which has fast become good memories.
Thank you for every bad time which are now good lessons.
For the laughter, pain, joy and sorrow I say thanks.
Finally thank you for reminding me about life, love, friends, family and God. See you in cherished memories. Michael

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