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A Letter To 2014
Dec 31, 2014
Dear 2014,
I have an inkling that you will get cocky after reading this. Regardless, you have been a kind year. You have been the year that Jesus choose for a lot of things to happen in my life so thank you.
Don’t get all comfortable, because you have also being one heck of a tough nut to crack. Our time together - to say the least - has been a journey of growth.
It feels just like yesterday when I wrote a letter to 2013, and ushered you in with open arms and great expectations.
You started out slow, with the promise of changes in my life, of new paths and directions. I was patience, I waited on needles and pins, I sucked it up, I didn’t call out for a pity-party. A series of events eventually led me to the point of saying deuces to false promises and weak hope.
I never for a second believed that you would be mean to me by the time I write this.
2014, I am glad that the reverberation of laughters generated from myself, friends and family drowned the sirens of wailing which came along with you.
 2015 new years illustration with christmas balls
You have taught me a great deal.
2014, You watched me in amusement how I struggled to fit in with a new life and a new job in a city I consider loud, thronged, and gargantuan.
You have taught me that timing and opportunities are dead crucial, so much that it is what makes one or breaks one.
 You have taught me to not only love myself but to love others, and not judge others because they sin differently from me.
You proved to me what many believe is conjectural - that celebrating the success of others will rub off good on you, and is good karma as it will lead to yours.
I learned that when a chapter in one’s life closes that it means moving on and not living in its past glory or moping.
I learned to turn odd situations to my advantage - sometimes I fell flat on my face other times I soared. Either way, I tried.
You have taught me the need (and how to) to re-adjust dreams and make room for changes due to the ever-changing nature of my reality.
2014, I have lost my way a lot of times in my Christian walk. Through it all God has been with me, loving me still. He has blessed me beyond measure. He has given me friends who love me and who I love; I can without a doubt call them family. He has been good to my family flooding us with mercies in the morning and drowning with grace in the night.
Yes! 2014 we successfully pulled some of the biggest pranks ever! We clowned around, and we had fun.
Speaking of fun - 2014, thank you for that awesome vacation in July. It changed my life. Technically, 2 countries in 6 days! I didn’t see that coming so YEAAAAY *read that like Lil Jon*. Not forgetting the awesome Christmas, and somewhat reunion…cheers.
Thank you for every good time which has fast become good memories.
Thank you for every bad time which are now lessons learnt.
For the laughter, pain, joy and sorrow I say thanks.
Finally thank you for reminding me about life, love, friends, family, and God.See you in cherished memories.
P.S tell 2015 to be nice to me 🙂

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