This Book Is Teaching Me How To Throw Away My Useless Crap – a review
Jan 15, 2016
I feel light, and I will feel even lighter in a couple of days. The thing is, I am decluttering my life and space, and thanks to this book which GQ magazine brought to my attention.
After reading “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo I concluded that I am a hoarder in denial. Turns out, I was the last to know this! This is what the book will do to you, open your eyes to your messy house, and your hoarding way of life.
"The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" came out October 2014 and it motivated thousands of individuals to throw away their crap!
Discarding things that you no longer use is hard, especially when those items hold sentimental or emotional value. Then there is the issue of “oh this stuff was so expensive, I can’t possibly throw it away or give it out"
This book basically walks you through all those emotions, and gives you the power to act and actually get rid of things you no longer use… sorry things that you haven’t used in at least three months. Yes, three months so don't act surprised.
While I feel the author, Kondo, has a serious case of OCD (based on some of the scenarios she painted), she did guide people like myself brilliantly. I had a moment of epiphany somewhere between the pages that my messy room doesn’t get to that stage by itself, that cyclone was caused by none other but myself.
Here are some things I got out from the book:
Putting Your Place In Order:
1.Tidying could have more effect than we can ever imagine and clustering can be as a result of your state of mind.
2. Best tidying strategy is going at it at one take not little by little. Aim for perfection and never say one day at a time. Tidy efficiently all at once.
3. Tidy and sort things in your house by category and not by location. So instead of saying you tidy a particular room, you should aim to tidy a particular group of items.
4.There are two types of tidying - Daily and Special Event Tidying. And by their titles it is self explanatory
5.Try and make tidying a fun activity.
Throwing Shit Away
1. Finish discarding things first before you think of where to keep things.
2. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to dispose of
3. The number one criteria that should determine if you keep or discard an item should come in form of a question – Does this spark joy? This is the best yardstick; gather every item and pick them one after the other and see if it sparks joy, if it doesn’t or if you are uncertain then it’s time you give it out or throw the shit away.
Arranging and Storing
This is by far the most challenging bit for me.
1. Divide your clothes, books, items, etc. into categories and store them based on this.
2. For clothes fold them instead of having them all hang out. Let things like Jackets, suits, etc be what you leave hanging.
She went into details about folding things (including shocks) and storing thing.
You won’t believe the kind of shit I kept around (still keep around, forgive me because this is all new and hard for me). I threw away cartons upon cartons, receipts, shoe boxes, miscellaneous items. Most importantly, I set aside clothes and shoes I will be giving out.
Getting rid of things, and tidying up has never been more liberating than it is now. Will this become my new MO? I hope so.
So if you want something miscellaneous to read  then go for this book as it will help you live a more orgnized life.

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