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Jun 9, 2015
New Layout for
I was listening to Aaron Keyes when I suddenly realised that the uneasy feeling I felt earlier in the morning was back. That feeling that kept impelling me to pay attention to my neglected website. Lets just say - this site isn’t just for the public, it is also for me; an open journal if I may. The site often acts like a bolster when my faith is a bit under, or when the doubts sets in. I hope it does (did) the same for you at one point or another (else what’s the point?).
A few months ago I had decided to change everything about the site. From the look and feel, to the heart of the site (which had invariably digressed from the main focus as to when I first started it). The site was supposed to be a site where I share my view on subjects I hold dear; be it my Jesus story, my journey through faith, struggles with doubt, my every day activities, music and movies. The music and movies bit was just a teeny bit of the site and NOT the main focus. In the past year or there about we saw the latter become the main focus of the site.
So a few months ago, I reevaluated and decided it was time to change things.
As far as Christian arts and culture go I will be moving that to another platform which I will tell you all about in the near future.
The plan was to revamp the site and go back to the heart of the blog. Although the journey to revamping has being a long and slow one the worst part was that I basically stopped writing. I got too lost in my job, and as a result I stopped writing (flimsy excuse I know). I will allow ideas come and go without even attempting to pen them. However, the feeling of discontent that followed over time was one that couldn’t be shook, so I decided to rap thing up with my developer friend, Lekan, who helped put the site together and I decided to take baby steps into making a comeback by jotting more ideas and feelings down.
So here is to a new, although with the primary (original) vision that birthed it.
Hope you can chill and rock with me.
P.S The old content will remain untouched.

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