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Telling People About Jesus The Creative Way
Oct 22, 2014
Well... it is exactly no news that I have three tattoos of which one reads "John 3:16." It was my very first tattoo, and it is roughly four years old. I knew what I was doing when I got the tattoo, it wasn't spontaneous as it was well planned, thought upon and orchestrated. In as much as I love the art of tattoos, and the expressive creativity of the art I wanted to get something that meant everything to me. I wanted my first tattoo to be about something that defined me and something I would never regret in a million years. God's love and Jesus' sacrifice was the thing that stood out to me the most. I also knew that my tattoo would draw a lot of attention, and I wanted this attention to be focused on the right subject matter and in this case the right 'person.' So I got a John 3:16 tattoo. It is by far the most talked about thing on first meet (that is when it is exposed). People get to debate with me about the bible and tattoos (which is a both a blessing and curse but hey.... we get to talk about God in ways and lights people (and sometimes me) didn't individually do. I get to share the good news of Jesus with people because of this John 3:16 tattoo. I have always wanted to share the about this attention that the tattoo has drawn but I never got around to it until I saw the picture of Tim Tebow below which gave me so much joy. spread the word It is true indeed our age is an age of short attention span, so I know sometimes to get the message of Jesus across there is nothing wrong with getting a bit creative with it.

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